> Drill designer
> Practice planner
> Import / Export drills and practice plans
> Cloud Storage
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> One license gives you acess to 18 different sports
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> Grow your personal drill bank quickly with the DrillDraw hockey drill Packs and drill Collections.

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Remote Storage

Store your drills and practice plans in your own private account in the DrillDraw cloud. Access your drills from any computer running DrillDraw.
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Add-on modules

Add more functionnality to your DrillDraw program with the DrillDraw add-on modules.
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Thousands of drills

Thousands of high quality hockey drills in DrillDraw format are available on various web sites, ready to be imported in your personal drill bank... Don't use just any drill. Know where your drills come from, get high quality drills from high quality web sites.
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Used by...

With more than 10,000 users, DrillDraw is used in 40 countries, from Pro teams to novice coaches.
More and more associations equip their coaches with DrillDraw every year.

What others think...

See what DrillDraw users are saying about their experience with DrillDraw.  
Real quotes from real coaches...
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Coming soon...

Tablet versions of the program are currently under development. An iPad and Android App will be available in just a few months.