Remote Storage

Store your drills and practice plans in your own private account in the DrillDraw cloud.

Ideal for associations or any group of licensed DrillDraw users
looking for a shared access to a common drill bank.


  • Create your own remote bank in the DrillDraw cloud;
    each DrillDraw licence gives access to a free private Remote bank..
  • Create a Remote bank on your own personal server(ftp).
  • Access your Remote banks content from anywhere in the world with any computer running DrillDraw.
  • Totally private; you set your own Username/Password to your own remote bank. You can also share the content of your remote bank with other DrillDraw users by creating user accounts.
  • Using the Remote bank Manager the Main administrator can create an unlimited number of user accounts, each with a choice of 3 different access level and each with their own Username/Password for access control.

Go to the Remote Storage "how to" from more details