There are currently 2 editions of DrillDraw available to better suit your specific needs.

Standard edition

DrillDraw Standard has everything you need to build your own drill bank, quickly prepare your practice plans, import and export drills and practice plans,etc...

Pro edition

DrillDraw Pro has a load of extra features designed for the "heavier" DrillDraw user. Features that allow you to easily organize a large number of drills, create complex flow or progression drills, very quickly create or modify practice plans etc...

Both editions of the program include the following:

Drill designer

  • Easily and quickly create drills.
  • Import high quality drills and quickly build your personal drill bank
  • Export drills in DrillDraw format and share with other DrillDraw users who can then edit them if desired.
  • Create a drill, save it, open it, modify it, save it again as many times as you want.
  • Export drills as PDF documents or as image files and use them in Powerpoint, Word, web page etc..
  • No internet connection required to use the drill designer or prepare practice plans.

Practice plan creator

  • Create practice plans from the drills in your personal drill bank in just a few minutes
  • Reuse or modify an existing practice plan for even more convenience
  • Print or create PDF documents of your practice plans
  • Easily Email a practice plan
  • No internet connection required to prepare practice plans or view the content of your local practice bank.
  • Save your practice plans in your local practice bank or in your private DrillDraw cloud account.

Remote Storage

  • Store your drills and practice plans in your own private account in the DrillDraw cloud. Access your drills from any computer running DrillDraw.
  • Control user access to a common Remote bank and share drills with other DrillDraw users of your choice.
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Below is a comparison table for the main features of the program

Feature Standard Pro
Draw your drills using a variety of international symbols, rink sizes and templates
Import 1000`s of high quality drills from specialized web sites
Modify existing/imported drills and practice plans as many times as you want
(except for goalie drills which require the "Goalie drill add-on module")
Feature loaded text editor (font, size, color etc), mix symbols and text in description box
Work on multiple drills at the same time. Copy/Paste drawing between drills.
Save your drills and practice plans on your computer or in the DrillDraw cloud
Export drills as image files (jpeg, bmp etc...)
Export Plus add-on
Export or email drills and practice plans as PDF documents
One license qives you acess to 18 different sports
Windows "Explorer" like drill window to quickly find the drill you are looking for
Search your drill database by title, keypoints, date etc...
Preview drills before editing or adding to practice plan
Easily create multi sequence/multi diagram or progression drills
Zoom playing surface for even faster, more detailed drill drawing
Easily reorder the drills within a practice plan
Setup multiple drill banks and easily transfer drills between drill banks
Setup multiple practice banks and easily transfer practice plans between them
Print preview your drills and practice plans before printing
Logo Manager add-on
Insert your team logo (or any image) on the playing surface or in the practice plan header
Goalie Drills add-on
Create goalie drills that are detailed, well described, well drawn and consequently well understood
Template Editor add-on
Create your own drill templates, practice plan header, game sheets etc... exactly the way you want.