Here are some examples of the feedback that we get from DrillDraw users from all over.
Real quotes from real coaches.

"DrillDraw is a necessary tool for the coach of today. I use DrillDraw to create new drills, develop practice plans, build scouting reports and share information with coaches around the world. DrillDraw is the best software and most user friendly that is available for coaches as it allows me to draw drills and team play diagrams using internationally recognized symbols. It is truely a remarkable tool that is a must-have for coaches at all levels."
Shannon Miller
Head Coach University of Minnesota

Five time NCAA Champion!
Three time World Champion!
Olympic Silver!

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"...I use this product on a multitude of applications daily. I use it to explain 'on ice' drills, during video presentation, "power-point" presentations and to teach various aspects of the game plans.In conclusion, this computer program is an essential tool "
Pat Daviault
Assistant Coach,
Québec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL)
"... thank you for all you assistance and I really enjoy your product, it really helps me keep organized.One thing that impresses me is that your company is always looking for ways to better your product. From what I have seen over the past few years most hockey software companies are a one time deal. They don't take it as serious as DrillDraw, some software I have had in the past have gone out of business or simply disappeared.
Your comment to your business will take you well and beyond your competition. Keep up the good work and looking forward to future improvements."
Coach Bucky Gallagher 
Westfield Ice Dogs Hockey Club, Centreville, Virginia. USA

" I learned about DrillDraw from a friend of mine who is a high level hockey coach. I first tried it from curiosity and I was quickly convinced by the products easy of use and very high quality. I purchased the product and by being responsable for coaches training for the Laval region (150 coaches), I didn't hesitate to talk about the product during the training sessions. I insist a lot with coaches on the need to plan their practice sessions and this computer program is an excellent tool to do that. And by being able to Import and Export drills and practice plans, it offers coaches a mean that allows them to easily share their drill ideas and receice some from others. This tool is really fantastic because coaches can easily create their own diverse and interesting drill banks. Congratulations on an excellent product."
Jacques Sauvé
Hockey Head Coach, Laval region (Montréal, Canada)
"I have spent over $400 on computer programs from bobbing heads to line draw programs that simply crash all the time. I was at a total loss. A fellow coach introduced me to DrillDraw Pro. Finally, there is a software for hockey coaches that does what hockey coaches want! They even listen to our suggestions and incorporate them into future versions!"

Michael Schwarz
Santa Fe Huskies Pee Wee Coach, New Mexico, USA

" I believe that DrillDraw is an essential tools for all Hockey Coaches. It allows me to save a lot of time during drills/pratice preparation, to be better organized and to better plan my practice sessions. It is also very easy to use. As far as I know, there is nothing like it on the market at the moment."
Ron Gravel
Midget AAA, Gatineau, Québec, Canada
" I like to be organised and DrillDraw allows me to do just that. I had hundreds of drills on paper, but now they are all on my computer in my DrillDraw drill bank. I can now very easily and quickly build my season plan and practice plans. It also allows me to very easily exchange drills with other coaches. Now that I am used to it, it would be hard to work without it. I would also like to acknowledge the very efficient technical support service of the DrillDraw team. "

Marc Crispin 
Assistant Coach

" I have been using DrillDraw for a number of months now and I am really impressed by its ease of use and professional quality. My drill database is expanding all the time and it is becoming much easier to write each practice session, saving me a lot of time. I have found that I can use DrillDraw not only for drills but also for plays, tactics and strategies, and can easily print these to create a play book for my team. I also intend to use DrillDraw in the classroom by linking my PC to a projector and talking players through drills and plays before stepping on the ice. DrillDraw has certainly helped me in my preparation and coaching and I have no hesitation in recommending the package to other coaches. Keep up the good work. "

Richard (Reggie) Wilcox 
Head Coach, Great Britain Women's National Team