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Latest program updates:

Note: Updates are done automatically for all licensed V6 users during Login.
(no manual downloads or installation is necessary )

Version 6.9.7 - (January 19, 2015):
What's new in DrillDraw 6.9.7 ?
• Fix for Windows XP users (This is probably the last XP specific fix that we do)
• Fix printing problem with the drill header in practice mode with some drill templates.
• Fixes a problem with importing DrillDraw version 4 export file content.

Version 6.9.5 - (September 16, 2014):
What's new in DrillDraw 6.9.5 ?
• Curve lines: Added 2 control points so that the shape of the line can be more finely adjusted and mainly so that the little hook at the beginning of the line can be removed..
• Remote bank connections are now attached and stored with the DrillDraw license so they will now be available on any computer the license is used on.
• Fixes the position of the blue line on the ice hockey playing surface so that it better represent the NHL blue line position and the new IIHF blue line position modifications.
• Fixes the display of Ringette rings when creating new drills.
• Fixes a few other minor problems.

Version 6.9.2 - (January 24, 2014):
What's new in DrillDraw 6.9.2 ?
• Improved transmission speeed to Remote banks and fixed some intermittent remote banks connection problems
• Fix problem when sorting by date in Drill explorer window (Pro edition).

Version 6.8.95 - (April 22, 2013):
What's new in DrillDraw 6.8.95 ?
• Compatibily with MS Windows 8
• New playing surface for "Floorball".
• Corrects an intermittent problem with the creation of a Remote bank.
• Corrections in the Hockey drill templates (goal positions).
• Corrections in the Goalie drill templates.
• Corrections in the interactive DrillDraw tutorial.
• Many other minor corrections to the program.