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I have two computers, one at home and one at work. Do I need to buy two licences to use DrillDraw at both places?

The access code that you receive will work on any computer connected to the Internet. Every time you use your license (your access code) on a different computer than the last time you used it, it will be considered a transfer of license.

You are allowed a maximum of 30 transfers per month.

This allows users to use their license on any number of computers, but are limited (on average over a 30 day period) to switch computers every second day.

You cannot use the same license on two different computers at the same time.

To use DrillDraw one more than one computer without any restrictions and transfer limitations a different license for each computer is required.

Do I need to always have Internet connected to be able to use DrillDraw ?

No, once the initial login and verification of the access code has been completed via Internet you can use DrillDraw without an Internet connection for up to two weeks. After that time a warning message will let you know that if Internet is not connected soon the application will go back to trial mode until it can verify the licence again...

Note that even if the time expires and the application goes back to trial mode noting will be lost. Your drills and practices will always be there once the licence can be verified again and DrillDraw runs in normal mode.

Will you automatically contact me when there is a new version of the software available ?

Yes, when you purchase our software you are automatically added to our Newsletter distribution list. The Newsletter will inform you about things like new versions and new features of the software, new templates etc..

I want to replace my old computer by a newer one. I will then need to re-install DrillDraw on my new computer. What do I need to do to transfer my licence and all of my drills and practice plans to this new computer ?

With DrillDraw all your drills and practice plans are stored localy on the computer that you are working on. So you will need to manually transfer your drills and practice plans to the new computers be following the easy steps below:

First create a DrillDraw backup file of all your drills and practice plans.
Click here to learn how to create a backup.

Transfer the DrillDraw backup file created earlier to your new computer. (via a USB key, a CD or simply sending yourself an email for example)

Then on your new computer download and install the latest DrillDraw version 6 from the download web page :
DrillDraw version 6 download page

Once installed, start DrillDraw and enter your access code in the login window.

Once login is complete and the licence transfer has been approved click on the "Tools" menu then select "Restore from backup", locate the DrillDraw backup file transferred earlier, then click the "Restore" button.

How long can I play around in the Trial Version ?

There is no time limit with the trial version. The program gets more and more restrictive (and annoying) the more you use it, but the amount of time it's been installed has no limit. So, after installation of the trial version you can play around with it when ever you get the time to do so.

Do I need to pay each time I download and install a newer version of the software?

All program updates to DrillDraw version 6 are free to DrillDraw version 6 licence users.
Upgrading from one version to another is not free. So there will be a fee (to be determined) to upgrade from version 6 to version 7, when version 7 is available, and if the user desires to do so (optional).

How do I create a backup of all my drills and practices plans ?

Not allowed in trial mode.
1. Click on the "Tools" menu then select "Create backup".
2. In the backup window make sure all the check boxes are checked.
3. You can then select the filename and location for the backup file.
4. Click on "Start backup" button to start the backup file creation process
5. Once the backup file is created, which takes only a few seconds, you can make a copy of file on a USB key or onto a CD or any other storage device.

Restoring from a backup file:
To restore your drills and/or practice plans:
1- click on the "Tools" menu then select "Restore from backup"
2- go to the location of the DrillDraw backup file and select the backup file in the bottom part of the Restore window
3- click the "Restore" button.

Where are my drills and practice plans stored ?
Are they stored on my computer or on your server somewhere ?

With DrillDraw all your drills and practice plans are stored locally on your computer. Nothing is stored on our servers.
So it is up to you to make sure your work is backed up and that the backup file is stored in a secure place... you never know when you computer's hard disk will die !!

What are the advantages of the Pro edition versus Standard?

The Pro edition has many additional features. Check out the comparation table on the Features page for more details.

I can't find the email with my DrillDraw access code. How can I retrieve my DrillDraw access code (or licence code)?

To retrieve your DrillDraw licence access code run DrillDraw and select "About" from under the DrillDraw "Help" menu.
In the window that pops up select "Show licence information". The next window will display your licence information including your access code.