Scott Fukami's background:

Scott was born in 1972 and lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada.

Scott played minor hockey (Midget AAA) in Lethbridge, AB. He then played three years in the W.H.L for the Victoria Cougars before playing 2 years in Japan and 2 years Division 1 in Sweden. He then played one season for the University of Calgary.

Coaching Background: Three seasons assistant coach (LAA) for Atom AA and Peewee AA, two seasons with Psycho Hockey as Instructor / Coach of Hockey Development. Coaching became an extension of his hockey career after his playing career. "It is a passion. I've always considered myself a student of the game".

The drills from his drill collections have been collected over his playing career in Canada, Sweden and Japan.

"I like drills that are challenging and improve skill development, drills which simulate/emulate game situations, drill that best utilize time and involve as many players as possible.

All of the drills contained in the collection are applicable for every level from Atoms to Juniors/Pros. I have used these drills with mostly Peewees as that is the age group I am most involved with. The drills can be very challenging, but when broken down 10 year olds can do them without any problems. As the kids get older, expect the speed and intensity to increase as well as the execution of the drills."