Scott Fukami's Warm Up drill collection:

The drills in this collection are excellent warm-up drills. They promote skill development through puck movement and skating. The drills should be done at the highest tempo possible. They are broken down into three categories: Passing, Shooting, and Passing / Shooting, with the majority in the Passing / Shooting category.

Most of the drills are to be done "both ends at the same time". The emphasis of the drills, is to use as much ice as possible and to have as many players doing the drill rather than watching. However, with the younger age groups, you may start "one end at a time, then the other" when introducing the drill for the first time.

Some of the drills are progression drills. They get progressively more challenging and / or are different drills based off of the same set-up. The most important aspect of the drills are that they emulate game situations. Proper skating lanes, proper passing lanes, and optimal passing angles.

These drills are excellent in both practices and pre-game skates. There are 112 different drills, but with included progressions and variations, some 179 drills.